The nativity of our LordResurrectionIt has now become a tradition at our Monastery to celebrate the 40 Days Liturgy during the Christmas fast, as is custom for our Holy Orthodox Church.

It is our duty as Orthodox Christians to pray not only for the living but also for our loved ones who have departed this world. The barrier between living and dead has been eliminated due to the Resurrection of Christ. Those who are departed are just as much with us and just as much a part of the Church as those who we see living on this earth. There is no longer any separation. And so not only do we pray for them, but they also pray for us; in the same way that we might ask our friends to pray for us and in turn pray for them, so also do we pray for each other without concern for the separation of death.

The most important prayer for the living and the dead occurs in the Divine Liturgy. This is why at our monastery we pray 40 consecutive liturgies.

If you are interested in participating in this 40 Days Liturgy we encourage you to provide the names of your loved ones via the online form below.

As you know from previous occasions, any monies forwarded with the names for commemoration the Monastery will consider as a donation towards the building project and will in return provide a thank you letter and receipt.

The ProskomediaThe commemoration of the names takes place during the Proskomedi service. The Proskomedi is the service in which the Priest prepares the bread and wine to be offered in the Divine Liturgy. After having removed from the bread (prosphora) the Lamb (a cube shaped portion of the prosphoro) the Priest cuts out one portion in honour of the Virgin Mary and other portions in honour of the angels, saints, the hierarch and the priesthood.

Finally, portions are removed for the names provided by the faithful; names for the health and salvation of the living and for the repose of the dead. All these portions are placed on the diskos below the Lamb and represent the Holy Church, the body of Orthodox believers.


With deep gratitude to our Lord and much appreciation to His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos, we joyfully announce that our deacon, Fr. Nektarios, will be ordained to the priesthood on Saturday 9 December 2017, at the Archdiocese Cathedral of the Annunciation of Our Lady the Theotokos in Redfern, by His Grace Bishop Seraphim of Apollonias. We ask you all to embrace this special occasion with your prayers.

40 Days Liturgy Participation


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