Regional Director, Hunter & Central Coast Region NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure

Dear Father Eusebios


I refer to the many email submissions we have received concerning 'places of public worship' in the Gosford draft LEP 2009. Given the large number of submissions it will not be possible to respond to each individually, so I would appreciate you making this available to your community.


We are aware of the many public submissions the Council has received, and the high level of community interest in this issue.


This is an important issue that the Council will need to consider in their review and response to public submissions. This is scheduled for a Council Meeting on 31 May 2011, and a link to the Council's business paper follows -


Once the Council has considered the issues raised in the public submissions, they will submit their draft plan to our Department, asking for it to be finalised. When we receive the plan we will review how the Council has responded to major issues with the plan, including the issues raised by the Greek Orthodox community.


Thank you for your interest in this issue and I suggest you make your views known to the Council, if you haven't already.




Michael Leavey 

Regional Director, Hunter & Central Coast Region 

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