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2014 Curriculum for Scripture Lessons

We are pleased to inform you that Pantanassa Monastery is currently undertaking a complete review of the Scripture Lessons curriculum for Years K-6.


It was hoped that Stage 1 of the revised curriculum would be published in a book format for 2014 but this was not possible. Instead we are pleased to make available, to all scripture teachers in digital format, the revised worksheets for 2014. The worksheets are now in full colour with a clearly Orthodox presentation.


The 2014 curriculum consists of Infants Stage 1 and Primary Stage 1. Infants Stage 1 is the first year of a three year program for students Years K-2. Primary Stage 1 is the first year of a four year program for students Years 3-6.


It was considered valuable, at this point in time, to retain both Greek and English in the 2014 curricuclum.


Please check that you have the latest version as these materials will be updated from time to time. Please feel free to advise any errors or omission.


Last Updated: December 18, 2013 (5:00pm)

 click to download Infants Stage 1 (PDF 47.3MB)  click to download Primary Stage 1 (PDF 41.1MB) 


click to download Year 7 (Mixed Theme Curriculum) (PDF 7.3MB)